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Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision. The right person supports you through the wedding process, is a pleasure to have sharing your day, and presents you with a beautiful, visual documentary of your wedding which will shape your memories for the years to come. We have put together a list of our frequently asked questions to help you decide if Glen Jevon Photography is the best choice for you. Do feel free to ask any other further questions at any time, we are always happy to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

We also recommend you ask these questions of any other photographer whose work you are interested in. We wedding photographers are an approachable bunch and love it when you want to talk about our craft!

Wedding couple pose by a stone doorway

How experienced are you working at weddings?

Very! I started working on weddings following my own wedding to the lovely Cath in 2001. Having worked in the TV industry for many years, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to pictures, both still and moving, so I was very passionate about getting photography absolutely right. That passion lives on through how I work on other people’s weddings now. I am committed to perfectly capturing all your memories, all the details you’ve worked hard on, all your loved ones who shared the day with you, and all the special moments (including ones you may not have noticed), to the high standard I was looking for myself all those years ago.

With over 15 years experience in the wedding industry I come with a wealth of knowledge that can support you through all aspects of planning your day. Booking with me means you have someone trustworthy and reliable, who not only helps the flow of your day, but helps with details like a stitch coming undone (I had to sew up a flower girl’s cardigan recently!), teary family needing a tissue (always have them on hand), or a groomsman struggling with a Windsor knot (I’ve adjusted more than I can mention).

What’s your style of working?

This is where my professional background comes in. As a documentary film-maker I unobtrusively observed, recorded and presented images in a creative way. I became a ‘people watcher’ without even realising it, I found I could instinctively tell when someone in a conversation was going to smile or laugh, and now I’m great at capturing those rare moments of love and laughter that happen so magically at weddings. I also love my job and always feel so honoured to be part of your big day, so I easily end up having a laugh with your friends, a cosy chat with grandad and a cry with Auntie Nellie through the speeches, none of whom then bat an eyelid when I snap their picture. I blend in so well that couples are often surprised at the images I capture because they didn’t realise I was there at that moment.

What happens if your camera breaks?

Being a camera geek, I only use the best, top of the range, full frame pro equipment which I regularly service and maintain. I always carry two cameras at any given moment and there’s always a spare one ready as back-up too. In addition to this, the camera kit I use is capable of duplicating the photographs to a separate card as I shoot, making it impossible to ever lose a shot.

Do you know my wedding venue?

I am based in the New Forest and have over fifteen years of experience across Hampshire, Southampton and the surrounding areas, so I’m very familiar with the local wedding venues. I also have covered many weddings in London, Surrey and Wiltshire and frequently travel further afield. Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, the North of England, Spain, Crete and Italy are all among past bookings.

I am experienced at adapting and working in a wide variety of settings, be it stately home, grand cathedral, beach, boat, castle, tipi, village church, marquee in the garden or local pub. Each location is as individual and exciting as the day itself and each special day is a joy to work on. Whether it’s a venue I’ve worked at many times or one that is totally new to me.

How much of our wedding day do you cover, and can you tailor make a package for me?

We can cover as little or as much as you want! We totally understand that weddings come in all shapes and sizes, so are very happy to adapt to suit your budgets and requirements. Take a look over at the pricing page to see what we offer, and if there isn’t one that fits get in touch and you can tell me all about your plans and ideas.

How many photographs will I receive?

I don’t limit the amount of photographs I take or give you. So, if there’s a cracking shot it won’t be held to ransom because I’ve gone over a pre determined limit. On average, our standard package usually gives you approximately 500-700 images. Each image is individually and professionally edited using pro software – I don’t ‘carpet edit’ by editing all images using the same settings in one hit of a button… My way is time consuming, but for a perfectionist like me it’s worth taking the extra mile to provide an outstanding set of photographs –  besides, it’s my idea of fun!

Can I ask for specific shots?

By all means! I understand how important your wedding day is to you, so if there’s something special you want capturing please let me know. Your wedding photographs will tell the story of the day for years to come so I want to make sure I get it right for you. Whether it’s a particular detail, a special guest or a creative pose you fancy trying out, I’ll make it work.


I’ve also had all sorts of more surreal requests in my time (including, “can you Photoshop the H.P. Lovecraft monster Cthulu in to one of my groomsmen shots?", and, “can you make my wedding car fly over The Hogwarts Express?” 😁

Cthulhu terrorises a wedding party
A bride in a flying car flies over the Hogwarts Express’s all part of the fun!

Are you insured?

Absolutely! I’m fully and professionally insured including public liability, so you’re all covered!

Are you professional?

Photography is my full-time job yes, and I have a specialism in creative wedding photography. I have worked in the visual arts industry my whole working life under all manner of pressurised circumstances, so am 100% reliable, unflappable and generally a nice calm presence to be around.

Not only am I included in the Guild of Television Camera Professionals, I am also a highly skilled image manipulator and editor and a qualified Adobe Instructor, a software package that I’ve delivered teaching and training on for two decades. This results in top quality and unique images that are both technically spot-on AND creatively edited.

I don’t like having my photo taken, do I have to pose a lot?

I spent many years as a documentary film maker so I know exactly how to capture people whilst they’re getting on with enjoying their wedding, without them even realising! You won’t have to spend all day smiling at the camera for me to get some fabulous shots of you – don’t worry.

I always offer a free engagement shoot which is a great opportunity to get used to the camera, whilst having a lovely set of images that you can also use for Order of Service, Invitations or Signature Boards, if you so choose. I have a very relaxed, people friendly approach to photography which puts everyone at ease very quickly. I’m used to working with a wide spectrum of ages and degrees of confidence too, and always manage to make things fun and relaxed.

Saying that, if you’re confident with your portraiture and fancy throwing some poses, that’s excellent too – let’s get creative.

Can I see a whole collection of your previous wedding photographs?

I highly recommend you do. This will give you an idea of the standard and range of shots I capture and how I produce them. Feel free to visit the online galleries. If you already know what venue you are using, I can recommend a similar style wedding to browse through.

If we book, is it you that shoots our wedding?

Yes…. If you book me as your wedding photographer it will be me who comes and takes your photographs. I don’t normally use a second shooter, as I tend to get booked for my individual approach and style of photography. A good, experienced wedding photographer can normally easily cover weddings up to 250+ guests.

That said, it’s no problem to arrange a second shooter if practicalities demand, or for very large weddings.

Can we meet and get to know you?

Definitely, I’ll happily come over to meet you to talk through the wedding. Yes, it can get a bit tricky if you’re in a different country but it’s not usually a problem, even if you’re an hour or three away from me. Failing that, there’s always Skype.

it’s very important that you feel confident and at ease with your wedding photographer. Not only will this make for more relaxed and beautiful photographs, but I am also very aware of the privileged position we photographers have sharing your special day with you. It’s worth taking the time to make sure the personality and working style fits.

As well as preliminary meetings and e-shoots, we will have a countdown to the big day meeting to go over all the last-minute details so you feel absolutely happy, and both mine and Cath’s inboxes are open for questions and ideas anytime in between.

Thank you card from the mother of the bride
A bridegroom gives the thumbs up
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