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Please note:
Bookings are currently not being taken
due to family health issues

Glen Jevon

About me

Glen is a well established photographer, cinematographer and editor based in the New Forest. He specialises in creative photography with a difference, bringing an experienced eye to capturing a moment, expression or emotion. His wedding photography has been showcased in 'Hello' and several wedding and photography magazines. He regularly shoots for Getty Images and many other high profile brands and businesses across the UK.


Glen’s background as a professional television cameraman for over 20 years means he’s a man who knows and loves all things camera. He has worked in most aspects of broadcast television and was formerly Head of Broadcast for a Sky Digital Television Channel, and as such is well used to working under pressure and delivering a top-standard service. His work has appeared on BBC1, Sky, Ch4 and ITV, as well as many other digital channels, and he became well known for his creative eye, professional solutions and ever present good humour! Glen is also a highly skilled editor and image manipulator and has been teaching people the more arcane arts of Adobe software etc. for over 20 years.


Glen is based in Hampshire but regularly travels both nationally and internationally on assignment. He lives in the New Forest with his wife Cath, who runs the business side of things with him, and their two young cheeky-monkey daughters.


Hobbies include music*, art** and beard cultivation.


*As a keen musician, Glen's been known to play and photograph the same wedding on occasion!

**mostly My Little Pony commissions from youngest daughter Josie



"You don't get married

every day, so why settle for

every day photographs?"

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